Protect the Ball, its not a rock its a baby

When I play basketball, rebounds, and assist and turnovers or rips are the most important stats to me. And possession control turnovers when the ref raises his right elbow and points it in my team’s direction for standing with a firm foundation against a player moving through my unmoved feet. Some treat the basketball like rock to be thrown and shot at any time quickly without prayerful preparation, like a pebble on a lake, to be shot and shoots and shot and tossed and never thought of again. These offensive strategies and killers on the court, these high scorers of the rock play basketball differently from me. I do not have any offensive strategies, my strategy is to prepare my team to share the and protect the basketball as if it were a baby in their arms and hands. And when it is ready and prepared within 24 seconds they let the baby fly in a repeatable pattern and algorithmic arc that is truthfully practiced and prepared for 3 months prior to the season started. So that when the baby is released into the world every 30 seconds in a ncaa game or 24 seconds in a pro game, we have already spent a year and 3 months preparing for the next season so that all we do is protect the baby on defense, and on offense we only release the child when it is ready for its best practiced mission and calling. And we repeat this every 24 seconds for 12 minutes 4 times per night and ever 24 seconds of every overtime as well when the teams are well matched. I am willing to take 72 possession control turnover fouls per night for my team, so we have a 150 point advantage per night. I will stand in the paint, and take 6 fouls a night from 12 players on the opposite team if it gives my team the ball and a possession to score 2 to 3 points every time we take possession.


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