a blue dungeons crab asked the little eagle how can i revirginize myself to be the way I was meant to be like a majestic crane, or a dashing hazel and black hawks. The hawks offered the crab up and the crane replied just stop doing it from now on. The hawks thought that was simple but too hard for the blu dungeons crab to understand. The eagle offered a scream of peace…stop doing it for three days, and and then in the ocean sand write down a note 1 for I feel HEAVENLY, 2 for I feel PURGATORIAL, 3 I want to do what I used to DO I FEEL HELLACIOUS. After doing this 12 times it will be 36 days. If you reach 13 39 days, and then 14 42 times if the majority of the time each three days you feel better if for more than 8 of those 14 sets of 3 days you feel better than you have your answer. if you feel worse by giving up your worst mistake than you have lots of work to do. On day 41 you will be revirginized to the way a grey and orange dungeonss crab was always meant to taste delicious.


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