40 days of uplifting from our old ways transformed into strong disciplines and better habits :)

lent is often a time when people choose to suffer by fasting, this year for 2015 try to do something good each day to improve yourself? Read 5 pages a day from a new book, or read 5 verses in a bible per day, go to 5 new places per week, introduce yourself to 5 people that you have never talked to before 1 each day for all 40 days, then say a prayer for each person based on what you talk about, go to a church just to stop in and say thanks for another day to breathe to God the father, try going to an adoration chapel to pray, start a roman catholic catechism, play catch with a friend or family member 7 days in a row for 10 to 30 minutes, shoot free throws with your other hand for 5 to 15 minutes per day every day of the week, hit in the batting cage from the opposite side every day, try cooking a new dish 4 times once per 10 days until your happy with the way it tastes

  • Sensei Ronald Panlilio why add more suffering to our lives for 40 days, when we can do something to improve our human condition for 40 days…go serve someone else who is hurting for 40 days at a senior citizen center, read stories at the library to kids and elderly, visit a hospital, draw pictures with people, sing with people, have real conversations, invite people to pray, serve, and play with you throughout the lenten season, make time to be new by easter,,bbbbe blessed beyond belief by easter
  • Sensei Ronald Panlilio love more, serve more, be more, by doing less for self and more for neighbors
  • Sensei Ronald Panlilio we may all argue on fat teusday or ash wednesday our sinfulness and pride or even arrogance and idolatry can be a burden but rather it just reveals our humanity to god, and god loves us most when we offer up our struggles to the only one who can lighten our load when it is heavy
  • Sensei Ronald Panlilio only when divinity and humanity are combined at eucharistic mass can we truly feel heaven and earth touching at daily mass and everywhere we travel after eucharist in bread, body, and the cup of salvation…you want to be young pour holy water on your face, hair, and drink from the cup of his blood for his grace to flow within your veins, organs, and muscles and bones, and skin, smell like what you eat, eat and drink the eucharist daily so you smell and taste and sound like jesus christ
  • Sensei Ronald Panlilio how many days a week do you want to be like jesus, wwjd what would jesus do..I am guessing it is 7 days a week to be protected with jesus, rather than once a week the bare minimum of what the world asks us to do
  • Sensei Ronald Panlilio do the minimum or give it all for one day of grace in the future for every prayer you ever had to be answered all at once
Sensei Ronald Panlilio at offertory, instead of worrying about how much money your putting in the basket, give a crayon, a colored pencil set, some playdoh, or a food giftcard, or a barnes and noble card to someone who could use it at the parish


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