Arriving in July 1973 to the Prayer for August 16th, 2015 to infinitum

praying for farmers and servers who prepare the food, for those who do not have enough to eat, for victims of human trafficking, and for the end of legalized murder for money called abortion, so that human traffickers and corporate leaders of legalized murder called abortion are put into life in prison, and that adoption centers are created and filled with parents willing to say “If you dont want that child in the womb on that abortion table, give it to me and I will find a familia for it, or I will give it my name and my house to protect it for you”. If you ever come to kidnap a young man or woman for trafficking in my vicinity I have a baseball bat and a wooden bokken for your kneecaps and elbows to slow you down until the sheriffs arrive with handcuffs, lawyers and paramedics for you. You will forever have a limp in your step and life in prison after coming for my neighbors

  • Sensei Ronald Panlilio dwight d eisenhower, ulysses s grant, ronald reagan, jfk, theodore roosevelt and mother teresa, and abraham lincoln, dr martin luther king jr, and robert kennedy, cory aquino, general bonifacio, and dr rizal, cesar chavez, our lady of guadalupe, the ebony madonna of krakow, st john of the cross and the dark night, the obisidian madonna of los angeles california reflecting the shroud of turin to human traffickers, narcotics dealers, pornographers, and abortionists day and night while awake and while trying to sleep in their dreams, ears, and all senses
    lecrae, trip lee, provident press, matthew matsumoto, andrea duran, catherine leigh osterman, natasha watley, my cousins michelangelo and daniel panlilio from the american military, lieutenant jason m murray, captain danjel bout, officer james seybert, tony vena, shihan rudy amaya, my friends from interfaith center at uc irvine: raymond, calasanz, murray, my friends at journey st john neumann in irvine: maebeth alva, jen sumcad, valentina obufwana, Hernand, Michelle Wie, Skylar Diggins, Lisa Leslie Longwood, Tim Tebow, Candace Parker Williams and Sheldon Williams, Lauryn Hill Marley and Ziggy Marley, Brian and Phuong Chin,  Zack Solomon Phillips and family, st lorenzo, st joan of arc, st damien of molokai, saint dimas the horsethief on calvary, and saint michael the archangel’s choir, and the prayers of benedictine brothers and teresiano sisters, saint mary magdalene, st faustina, st jp2 the great, teresa enrica ferrer family and marriage counseling doctor in peru for teresianos, pilar ferrer education specialist in Italy of the teresianos, Rosalinda Fernandez Ferrer and Ted Ferrer as prison ministry and providers of good medicine, pope emeritus benedict, pope francis, mother angelicka of EWTN, Sister Rose Pacatte of Pauline Media Book Stores, Matt Maher, Couples for Christ International CFC Singles for Christ Socal East Chapter – Christian Life Program Cfcusa Connect Padua Charitable Fund UCLA Softball and all UniversityCatholic CenterSecretary Ucla Alumni Association, Damien High School, Moriah Peters Smallbone and Joel Smallbone of King and Country, Bruce and Brandon Lee, The Casamassa Familia at Red Dragon Karate, Christopher West, Matthew Kelly, Krystalina and Jason Evert, Holy Wood Acting Studio with Joe Sikorra, Marta Dubois, Karla and Jeff Jordan, and the Stella and Carlos Espinosa at our lady of the Bright Mount, Martin Harold of John Paul the Great Catholic University and Saint Raphael the doctor of doctors, and the little flower Sant Therese of Liseux and the Roman Catholic hospital called Earth be with us
Sensei Ronald Panlilio we must bring friends and former enemies to the table of god for true peace to ever be achieved and the end of chaotic militaries or chaotic businesses like abortion and human trafficking to end in life in prison rather than capital punishment and more bloodshed


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