9 versus 41: the battle for American Souls

February 2016, ash wednesday…beginning of lent

Ohio became the 9th state in the union to defund planned murderhood parenthood abortion clinics. We still have 41 states that do not love their neighbors and still earn money killing children and selling their organs over the black market and have it funded by the government and pay taxes, and earn wealth with these murderous actions.

This blood murder money is the bigger than the race riots of the 60s in america, and as impactful as the union vs the confederates in the civil war, and the world wars. Because these planned murderhood parenthood abortion clinics have murdered for money since 1973 and more than 50 million babies have been killed for money and even had their organs harvested for other medical patients to live. More boys and girls have died in thesed planned murderhood parenthood clinics than in world war 2.


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