stand tall, stand more

If you want to stand tall, than stand more. People who sit are resting or lazy, so their bodies look chubby at rest or lazy. People who stand are alert, awake, and alive and present in the moment. Dont sit all day, try to stand for 30 minutes for every 5 minutes that your sitting down in your 8 hour work day. Or 16-18 hours of waking time outside of your 8 hours of sleep. So for every hour per day sit for 10 minutes, plus 8 hours of sleep and you will be totally visibly fit and beautiful and strong

When your watching tv, on the phone at work, at your desk, playing video games, do it standing instead of a seated resting position. The world wants us to rest, relax and be lazy and comfortable. But just standing and carrying our weight will helps us be stronger than the average couch monkey. Most people stand for 10 minutes and then sit for 60 per day at work. So do the opposite if you want to start changing your life. You can even stand on one leg, or squat position, or lunge position while your standing if you need to get really advanced with your standing.

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