I am a writer, not a texter

When I write to you it might be messy, but I write to share my story and life with you. I Enjoy when people rightly so quietly write back to me and respond so it is a conersation. I am a reader as well, but one of my gifts is writing. I do not have a gift for editing. I pray, then write, post, then pray and wait for a response then repeat



  1. god is the the director of idrectors, the eidio r fo editors, he is the creator of all, and gave me gifs to share the spiritueal gifts that flow through me, sometimes what I type comes out differnt when I go back to read what I thought I typed, but I just acccept it and go with the god, for he knows what it best for me and for anyone I write to that will be called to read and responnd to my journey as part of he eucharisitic body

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