guns not needed i have prayer, a bokken and paintball

eveyone needs safety, but bullets only give death and critical injuries. I use red dragon karate art of the open hand with my wooden carved by a carpenter swordsmith bokken or a baseball bat from demarini c4 or my paintball gun to protect me and my neighbors. I have done some archery too, but I am skilled with a bokken, bats, and paintball, and golden sickles, and a 3 oz 7 dollar walmart carpenter sledge hammer. With 3 days of preparation I can defend a family or any neighbor in any environment and any situation as a shodan and family protector from the Casamassa Red Dragon Karate Family. Shihan Rudy Amaya,, Maria Amaya, Leticia, Stephen and Albert Amaya were the head of the school when I became a Sensei Shodan at 16 years old. My open hands are very artistic thunderous and worn…I graduated Damien Spartan in 1991But the kids in covina near St Louise thought I graduated high school in 2008 about 4 days ago.. playing basketball with Isiaha, Louie, Brad, Jaqueezy, Antonio, Kwame..and Julius


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