honoring 3 blessedly single men, brothers in christ

sebastian konarski, a strong fighting spirit, with the ability to discern what is evil and what is good and share it through any story because of his prayer life, he has the spirit of krakow with him, he would have guarded the narrow gate whenn the ottomans were s toppped by the mighty outnumbered polish prayer warriors

john domingo, one of the best soldiers of prayer, i believe he could run an order of deacons as a married man in the future, he taught me to always include the blue mantle of protection in my prayers.. A deaconsmith, he knows how to weather the storm shutters when hurricanes and floods come his family will survive and his neighbors will be prepared

seph herpacio he is such a jolly outgoing man, he can also in habit a character in mmultiple languages on stage, he could have a papally gifted child in the future a son of holy orders to be a cardinal or even a pope, seph could be a pope if he pursued it


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