honoring my mother Virgina Trinidad Ferrer Panlilio

Mama For your birthday I just want to honor the fact that you never let go of me in my prodigal child moments. You have always been my guide and a great prayer warrior. I think sometimes you talk too much and do not take the time to listen and let me respond. When you ask me for a service and I do it I feel great, when I refused you you still loved me and I knew it now I realize that must have injured you when I did not do as you asked of me. But you have a heart of gold, and I pray that you will finally use your hearing aid so you can hear the new grandbabies on the way when they say i love you grandma for the firs time. And for walking with me on my bipolar silver linings playbook life story. Your son Sensei Ronaldo Juan Ferrer Panlilio A servant hearted bipolar ucla bruin alumni american red cross b-positive platelet hero and a roman catholic saint of a man.by the OMMC order of Mama Mary’s Champions led by Jesus Christ he Lord. I am eating fresh santa maria seasoned yellowtail from sprouts in claremont today for my mother’s birthday. She is on a vacation with my Papa, Rommel Benavides Panlilio. I am house siting in Casa Panliio in San Dimas the good horsethif on calvary hill, California. I pray that god gives my mother the armor of god Ephesians 6:8-20 NJB New Jerusalem Ancient Canon Catholic Bible


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