Trade idea for clippers

I would look into two trades for the clippers chris paul for russell westbrook or jj reddick for zack lavine. And the contracts match up well for the deal already. And an idea for the hacka free throw contest we are getting into. All fouls committed away from the ball go to 3 free throws 1+1+1 and posession. Gallinari would be a great pickup as well. and bring Shaun Livingston back home for jamal crawford. If kevin garnett waivesis no trade clause they could bring him in with adiren payne for size and defensive bulk for the playoffs and that golden state gold rush. Coaches have to get more influence in pro sports so make all teammates have performance goal contracts. For my style of play it would be bonused for rebounds, steals, and player control posessions, penalized for missed free throws, and turnovers. And bonused for every minute of game time given by my coach doc rivers or greg poppovich, or the phoenix suns. This puts the power to make people work hard back on the coach, if I play well I make more,and if I am not a good teammate the coach can dock my pay for the season.


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