Westwood Wisdom NBL Baseball offseason recap

The wisdom coming off of a playoff run last year, were hoping to be competitive again this year. The rookie draft came down to two people right before our slot, we were hoping for jung ho kang to fill our need at third base, but we were more than happy to pick up delino deshields. We also got a young catcher in austin hedges, and a young third baseman in kaleb cowart. Picking up deshields made it possible to trade adam eaton, and make other deals to net us evan longoria for third base. We had to get creative and lose some future draft choices to create cap space for this year.

We did lose hunter pence, and ben paulsen. But for the most part our team looks poised to be competitve this year and within the next two to three years. Almost everyone is signed to at least a 2 year contract, except for evan gattis, and david murphy

We still will be focused on using our speed with gomez, and deshields at the top of the order versus rightys, and deshields near the bottom of the order against leftys.

We were able to get a veteran closer in papelbon, and our closer for the future in hoover. Smith did a great job for us at closer, and will continue to be featured as our setup man to get holds and set the table for papelbon versus rightys, and hoover versus leftys.

We had to lose ra dickey to get our roster where we are now, but a rotation of price, iwakuma, bauer, cj wilson, and weaver…should be competitive, especially since we have a pretty good bullpen coming back. And tyler skaggs, colin rea, and eddie butler hopefully will be ready to be in our rotation next year, I like socolovich’s arm even though he is a very limited innings pitcher, he could end up being a good middle reliever for the cardinals and for us

we are platooning casali and yadier molina at catcher, with hedges active in case of defense and pinch hitting

our infield of freeman, longoria, escobar, and giavotelli should be productive…we will also be playing deshields at 2b to bring in hicks to the lineup in left field vs leftys

our outfield will be gomez, calhoun, and a platoon of hicks/deshields in lf

I am looking foward to the season
we have a good mix of leftys and rightys in the bullpen and in our lineup so hopefully we can make another playoff run this year and stay competitive for 2 or 3 years

my friend manuel monge and his bride lourdes natividad

check out their website for a great example of catholic courtship at http://withaglassslipper.com

I have known manuel and prayed with him many times over dinner and weekly households since about 2005. I am glad for he and lourdes to have their blessed wedding this year on may 21st. I met lourdes through the sfc west chapter a few years ago, and I have seen both of them serve as singles and look forward to their service in time, talent, and treasure within CFC couples for christ from may 21st and going forward.

staying prepared with nutrition


some tips on staying prepared with healthy nutrition with michelle wie,





Another idea is to boil a dozen eggs at the beginning of the week put them in the fridge, and then take one or two with you each day for snacks throughout the week. In the morning I like to fill a large pitcher with ice and water and keep it with me all day. I tend to get dehydrated when I workout hard. So I have made it a point to keep water with me all the time throughout the day. When I go to a fast food place, or walmart, or costco I would just refill my water bottle from contigo with ice and water. Mostly just ice, cause I would let it melt through the day. If your getting cramps during the day in your feet, or your ribs it normally means your dehydrated, or just beginning to get dehydrated so drink some cold or hot water to get you going. I like to pack nuts, seeds either pumpkin or sunflower, beef jerky, and dried fruits with me for snacks. I also keep dark chocolate, or candy around after or during intense sports events to rehydrate quickly or get a bunch of energy when I am doing explosive movements.