love and courtship

man love and court the holy spirit first, then attract a woman to follow you towards god and heaven and your neighbors to the holy spirit, then woman loves the man who serves god the best each day to the best of his ability to protect her and her family by courting the holy spirit daily at every moment. Only follow a man that makes regular time each day for prayer and courtship of the holy spirit. Preferably mass once per day, and adoration once per week, if you miss mass then go to adoration or at least pop into a catholic church for 5 to 30 minutes daily to tell god how your day went. Or go to your bedroom and write a letter to god, or relatives in heaven already, or saints in heaven about how your day went until you are reunited with your loved ones in heaven from god’s family tree. Pope Francis wants us each to write a letter to a saint, or a beloved family member on earth or in heaven like my grandparents at least once per week or once per month if your too busy with work and school.


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