staying prepared with nutrition–michelle-wie-519593287

some tips on staying prepared with healthy nutrition with michelle wie,–michelle-wie-519593287–michelle-wie-519593287–michelle-wie-519593287

Another idea is to boil a dozen eggs at the beginning of the week put them in the fridge, and then take one or two with you each day for snacks throughout the week. In the morning I like to fill a large pitcher with ice and water and keep it with me all day. I tend to get dehydrated when I workout hard. So I have made it a point to keep water with me all the time throughout the day. When I go to a fast food place, or walmart, or costco I would just refill my water bottle from contigo with ice and water. Mostly just ice, cause I would let it melt through the day. If your getting cramps during the day in your feet, or your ribs it normally means your dehydrated, or just beginning to get dehydrated so drink some cold or hot water to get you going. I like to pack nuts, seeds either pumpkin or sunflower, beef jerky, and dried fruits with me for snacks. I also keep dark chocolate, or candy around after or during intense sports events to rehydrate quickly or get a bunch of energy when I am doing explosive movements.



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