My prayer for the upcoming election 2016

I pray that the founder of planned parenthood, Margaret Sanger, and her 20 million dollar champion  Hillary Rodham Clinton are banished from the kingdom of heaven in the name of Jesus Christ and Mama Mary and all the baby saints aborted since 1973 when it became legal in America. And pray that all united nations defund abortion clinics internationally and build adoption centers for these babies who would be aborted otherwise. These unprepared parents can give their  babies to parents who will cherish and protect them. If you dont want that child give it to me and I will find a family and a home for that baby or give it my home and my name if nobody else will take it.

The American government loves to ask for a higher spending amount on their credit card,  but then refuses to make the monthly payments. And then government has the gaul to ask citizens to pay the penalized interest and balance for their irresponsible spending. I can understand it for a college kid asking his or her parents to help with a credit card. But when the president, congress and senate try to get citizens to pay their penalty it is frightening.

The great wall of america will be a massive undertaking like the great wall of china, mount rushmore, and the rice terraces. It could be the next wonder of the world. It will provide thousands of jobs in engineering, construction, maintenance, border security. Likely it will be built with american and mexican labor as a team. To protect both countries from terrorists, drug and human trafficking. It will take  at least a year to build it in my opinion but it could last for centuries.


NBA 2k17 tips since update 1.03

I experimented with both pro and all star levels for my expansion franchise. I have to say building an expansion team is fun. I got to customize my uniforms and my court and their are tons of graphics to choose from on the servers. I put my team in Anaheim and named them the Archangels. After the draft I found that if I played on pro I would smash the computer by 20+ points and it was boring. So I tried a few games on all star and at first I was getting crushed by 20 to 40 points. It was boring or frustrating. Then I finally learned how to shoot free throws and jumpshots. Last year I often used the square button to shoot all my jumpers. But in the 2k17 the square button is only good for layups and postmoves. Now I shoot all my jumpers and three pointers with the shot stick, and it has helped me a ton especially with three point shooting. I had afflalo and yi jianlian shooting threes and with the square shot button I would go like 1 for 5 or worse. But with the right shot stick I could make a good percentage from midrange and three point range. It still helps to be unguarded, but once and awhile I can stick a three pointer in even with defense close to me. I noticed on layups with the shot button I am able to get to the free throw line a lot and that is super helpful. Free throws are different this year too. Last year I treated them like jumpers trying to release the shot stick at the flick of the wrist or highest point of the hand shooting. But in 2k17 I am concentrating on the bar under their feet. I hold down the right stick and then release just before it hits the end of the bar. If I get close or it turns green and I make more than 70 percent. If I let it hit the end of the bar it normally bounces out because I am late. I even made mycareer player use rick barry’s underhanded free throw shot and this method works great even though I cannot see the ball or my hands. I do think more big men like drummond and deandre jordan should try the rick barry grandma free throw style it is easier to control the spin so it doesnt go to the left or right and that makes it more accurate. Winning a title and being embarassed at the free throw line would be fine with me. Its better to try something new rather than repeating the same poor free throws that have plagued dwight howard, andre drummond and deandre jordan for pretty much every season they have been in the nba with hands to big for free throws, most likely those huge hands are causing too much spin towards the left or towards the right instead of foward or backspin that would be more accurate. I play nine minute quarters and it is very enjoyable love having the dream team to play around with again. Also like having kareem abdul jabbar back in the game. I do wish they would include those 90s indiana pacers with reggie miller, and the 90s suns with charles barkley to play with in historical. I play the nba2k17 app to gain free vc whenever I have time. I might buy some VC at some point but not worried about it right now. Playing Mygm is a fun way to earn VC. I make about 600 to 800 VC every game on Mygm and at 9 minutes the stats come out pretty realistic. I dont think I could handle a longer game than 9 minute quarters for a whole season. I am a clippers fan so I have two myGMs going. One with my clippers and one with my anaheim archangels. Both are fun and I added two teams in my expansion draft one for the computer and one for me. I picked the vancouver ravens and let the computer draft it against me. It seemed more exciting because I was trying to outdraft the computer and keep it at an even 32 teams rather than 31. Draft the best available even if they are older, or younger with potential, guys with good contracts, and team style for post players and defense or outside shooting and strong peremiter defense. And then make some deals or sign free agents to fill out the roster or trade away contracts that are large to keep the team profitable. Signing a new coaching staff, my owner challenged me to sign a A rated scout. So I cut my guy and dished out the contract for the better staff member. I was glad to see kevin mchale and david blatt available as coaches. At least there was some real guys there to lead the team. And paul pierce on my clippers teams told me he was retiring and it gave me the option to make him my assistant coach after the season. I thought that was a nice touch if you have a veteran you like he can stay on as an assistant coach or maybe a head coach eventually. I played one proam game after I got my shoe contract from under armour. And it was fun, but everyone had max rating already with the game out for less than a month. I guess they all bought the legendary kobe edition or bought a ton of VC in the playstation store. I try to play one or two games a day, but its gonna take some time to build up my mycareer character. Although I did enjoy being able to choose between nike, jordan, adidas, and underarmour. And still get to design a custom shoe with underarmour logos. I made some metallic purple shoes and called them “plum powerful”. I went to my park for a few minutes but I think people didnt want to play with me because I am only ranked like 68 overall so far. I made a lockdown defender point guard. So once I get him ranked up I will try more proam and more mypark. pdate-103/