My prayer for the upcoming election 2016

I pray that the founder of planned parenthood, Margaret Sanger, and her 20 million dollar champion  Hillary Rodham Clinton are banished from the kingdom of heaven in the name of Jesus Christ and Mama Mary and all the baby saints aborted since 1973 when it became legal in America. And pray that all united nations defund abortion clinics internationally and build adoption centers for these babies who would be aborted otherwise. These unprepared parents can give their  babies to parents who will cherish and protect them. If you dont want that child give it to me and I will find a family and a home for that baby or give it my home and my name if nobody else will take it.

The American government loves to ask for a higher spending amount on their credit card,  but then refuses to make the monthly payments. And then government has the gaul to ask citizens to pay the penalized interest and balance for their irresponsible spending. I can understand it for a college kid asking his or her parents to help with a credit card. But when the president, congress and senate try to get citizens to pay their penalty it is frightening.

The great wall of america will be a massive undertaking like the great wall of china, mount rushmore, and the rice terraces. It could be the next wonder of the world. It will provide thousands of jobs in engineering, construction, maintenance, border security. Likely it will be built with american and mexican labor as a team. To protect both countries from terrorists, drug and human trafficking. It will take  at least a year to build it in my opinion but it could last for centuries.


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