Invite your neighbors

Men and Women who are catholic and living their faith may already be causing waves at your workplace, among your friends and neighbors. They might notice that you don’t cuss all the time, or that you turn down invitations to strip clubs, that you read the bible at work on your lunchbreak, that you hold and pray the rosary or divine mercy at 3pm. If you live your faith and are willing to talk about it with your friends, coworkers, and even your neighbors that you don’t like and treat as enemies. When you have a chance to talk with them invite them to RCIA, Couples for Christ family ministry, and Catholic confirmation classes so they can experience the sacraments, the mass, eucharist, baptism, confession, holy matrimony, and holy orders. All of these are waiting for any man or woman who has come into your circle of neighbors. You might have promised to god that you would only marry a catholic woman. But what if he is asking you to invite her to RCIA and Confirmation and to be her sponsor while you are getting to know her. A Few Months later she could be ready to be a catholic woman that is courted by you a catholic man or another man who is searching for a catholic wife. God works in mysterious ways. The first time we hear the voice of God it can be very startling, but normally it is a very gentle whisper and being in the quiet and stillness of the blessed sacrament or at mass are the best times to listen for god’s voice as heaven touches earth in the company of all the saints, angels, and archangels with the eucharist all together with god’s people and god’s living and breathing saints on earth in the pews.


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