​Complaining and violent protest is a waste of energy and time. If you believe trump and our government is evil than gather all of your people and go on a hunger strike in front of the white house until he is forced to resign. Be willing to die for your beliefs without injuring your neighbors. I know for a fact that pro abortion citizens are not courageous enough for a hunger strike.


Tolerate or not Tolerate. 

Holy and good actions are beloved and honorable and remembered and become our favorite stories. The world pouts and crys and begs us to tolerate dishonorable actions. Divorce, Abortion, sex outside of marriage, polygamy, greed, sloth, gluttony of food, multiple marriages, one gender marriage, human trafficking, pornography, drug addiction, second hand smoking of tobacco or marijuana, vulgar language all of these are supposed to be tolerated according to evil spirits who want to lead me away from God,  Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mama Mary and all the saints on earth living and breathing and in heaven watching us. 

Food Choices at the grocery store

everyone knows about “fructose corn syrup” and to avoid food that have it in the first three ingredients on the nutrients label. I wanted to also help people to avoid “enriched flour”:any bread, tortillas, or wheat, quinoa, rice and grains product that has “enriched flour” in the first three ingredients. Enriched flour is actually grains that have been stripped of nutrients and then they try to put vitamins back into it artificially. Probably a big reason why many breads dont digest well or are full of artificial preservatives that linger in the intestines, or we are taught to avoid them. I often looked for sprouted grains to be the first or in the top 3 ingredients when I buy bread and tortillas now.

Lately I have cut back on candy, and have replaced it with dried fruits. As an uber driver I need to keep my energy up so now I keep dried fruits, cashews, almonds, pumpkin seeds and beef jerky, 100 calorie bagged tuna from starkist, and bagged salmon and some liquids with me to stay energized while working at night.

Aspire to be all that you were made for

To become anything we must first desire it, then work towards it. To be a baseball player, or a doctor, an adventurer, to change our body to be lean and strong, or a professor: it takes desire and strong effort for that journey. Same with becoming a saint. We must desire holiness, and want to be a saint by the way we serve god, and serve our neighbors. Aspire to be a saint, and everything else will follow.