when choosing a relationship, often we eliminate people before giving them a chance. Or we reject a person based on factors they cannot control. When women only want to date a man who is a foot taller. Or when men only court women of a specific race or eye color or hair color. Or men who only court women smaller in height. When a husband and wife do horizontal dancing(intercourse) height becomes a non factor When making babies. Some want to only date extremely wealthy partners. In truth many couples are not financially wealthy. But their faith in God helps them to have enough for food, shelter, faith, education, fun. Age as well nobody gets to tell their parents when they will be born, no control over this. So if you are not close to the same age don’t worry about it. If you communicate well, and are willing to put the clocks away and turn the mobile phones off when your together that is a good match.
For me the most important qualities: same religion is my first priority so the kids don’t get confused. If your Jewish find a Jewish partner, a Muslim for a Muslim, a catholic for a catholic so on for all religions. A family that prays together stays together. Happy spouse <—-> happy house. Then I observe to see if she is kind to people who interact with us: So I can determine what habits she will teach our children. Then having a face that I enjoy looking at, and laughing, dancing and playing together. One woman I met that I really admired never raised her voice when angry: She would just write to her partner in FULL CAPITAL LETTERS to convey her anger or disappointment with her partner.
Live your life and the habits and passion you have will eventually  put you in the same place and time as your holy future hunk husband or holy future awe inspiring wife. Or your life will be holy and blessed as a single person. Or as a holy priest, or holy nun. To be peaceful and joyful explore all 3 vocations. Contact holy priests and their orders Jesuit, Benedictine, Dominicans, sacred heart, franciscans, and same for pauline nuns. Then be open to lay ministry as a single person, before committing to marriage. Let God reveal his plan. When we buy a house or a car we would take our time researching and preparing, it should be a similar process.
When you meet someone go and pray and ask god, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Mama Mary, and any saint you feel close to…is  this my vocation, is this my gift from God? And God will answer you 3 ways. No, because I love you 2) yes, because I love you, 3) not right now, because I love you.


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