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Clippers take another step towards their first championship


I feel a lot better about being a clippers fan, now that we added Jerry West to the Clippers. Its been a long road getting away from Sterling. Now that Ballmer, Rivers, Frank, West, Cassell are here I feel like every year we are getting better even if its not a huge leap from year to year. If we can just avoid injuries during the playoffs, then I believe we could do well. So many people on radio and tv say we should blow up the team. I think laker fans might want to see us at the bottom of the standings again. But if we drop Paul and Griffin after convincing Deandre Jordan to stay it would be really a slap in the face. If we wanted to start over than they should have let Deandre go to the Mavericks. I hope we can get some wing players like simmons from the spurs. And hopefully the new agua caliente clippers in ontario will help us develop and find young clippers to add after the draft and during the year, and have them already proficient in the style that Doc wants the clippers to play on defense and offense.

Quick snack on the road

As a uber driver at night 7eleven is one of the few vendors to eat to regain energy at night. 

Dried fruits, beef jerky. And tuna in a bag from starkist are great too. And gatorade or water from our brita filter. A tostada with guacamole from del taco, a bean, cheese and rice burrito, a sope, or taco, cheese fries from in n out, or a cheeseburger, loaded breakfast sandwich from jack in the box, norm’s or dennys, an egg white. Delight or egg mcmuffin…but mostly dried meat and dried fruit. 

NBA is going to lose fans if this is how the league is going to be every year

I also am concerned with the nba playoffs this year. It was the first time in a long time that I found myself bored with the how the game is being played. In the 80s and 90s they allowed more defensive pressure and it was fun to watch.
Now if you barely touch a shooter who is very far beyond the three point line, they call a foul and give them free throws. It discourages the physical play in the post and is boring to watch. If we are talking children in middle school or high school than fine go ahead and call any foul to keep young players from getting hurt. But the WNBA and NBA should allow high pressure and physical contact on the defensive end. Otherwise it is a just a pop a shot 3 point contest. Teams are willing to live and die by the three point shot. Even the best big men are making the three pointer a large part of their offensive arsenal. They should be learning the sky hook, and olajuwon’s footwork, or webber and bill walton’s passing from the post. They should be watching mutumbo, bill russell, and david robinson dominate the boards and the rim. They should implement shaquille oneal’s power post game, and dropsteps to two handed rim rattling. Instead they are standing on the corner away from the rim. Something is wrong with the strategy of a hoops team if your power forwards and centers on the fastbreak are running to the corner for long shots, instead of running straight to the rim for alley oops, offensive rebounds, and easy dunks. I understand if a smaller player like thomas from the celtics, mugsy bogues, nate robinson, spud webb or curry from the warriors need to create space to be strong offensive weapons. But when every player on the floor is launching threes it gets boring to watch. It would be great if they made all shots worth 2 points, but if you foul somebody past  the three point line than you get 2 free throws instead of one. This will cause teams to foul less on the outside, and also shoot less from outside because it is only worth 2 points instead of 3
Also coaches should have an effect on all players salaries assuming players are healthy. A portion of their salary should be determined by being on time for practice sessions off the court. If their not on time than they get penalized. If they have a good practice with the team the coach can give them a financial bonus. And all players get a financial bonus based on minutes played during the game. So if a coach sees that a player has earned minutes then he will give them time on the court to compete and get better. Agents can negotiate the bonus per minute of game time per player. This will encourage players from not resting at the end of the year, they will want to earn their money. And it will incentivize players to listen and respect their coach who now has some power over their financial situation. If they fight the coach now he can bench them and they will feel it in their wallet. If players are injured then they will get their full pay as long as they attend rehabilitation
Training every player to be a three point shooter is one strategy for team development. But if every teammate has the same skill set is that best for the team. In life as in sports good team leaders help maximize the talents of each teammate so that the team as a whole unit is better than individually in parts. So yes a portion of the team should be used to spread the floor and shoot threes. All teammates should look at gary payton, bruce bowen, dikembe mutumbo, patrick ewing, deandre jordan, dennis rodman, and draymond green, scottie pippen, michael cooper, ben wallace, chauncey billups, and chris paul, rudy gobert so they can see how to use aggressiveness on the defensive side of the floor. Would you prefer a team that can score 120 and win by 2 to 5 points but also has nights where they lose by 20 points because their shooters went cold like the houston rockets in 2017. Or do you want a team that consistently keeps the other team under 95 points and wins by 5 to 8 points a night. 20 point blowouts are games where the fans leave for the parking lot in the third quarter, and the tv gets changed to another channel at home or the sports bar.


I am looking forward to having the agua caliente clippers in ontario. I live in san dimas so it will good to watch the young players develop.

I might want to organize fundraising events for couples for christ and singles for christ family ministries next season.
It would be great if the clippers sponsored ANCOP: answering the cry of the poor.


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