Clippers take another step towards their first championship…/press-release-la-clippers-specia…/19/17#

I feel a lot better about being a clippers fan, now that we added Jerry West to the Clippers. Its been a long road getting away from Sterling. Now that Ballmer, Rivers, Frank, West, Cassell are here I feel like every year we are getting better even if its not a huge leap from year to year. If we can just avoid injuries during the playoffs, then I believe we could do well. So many people on radio and tv say we should blow up the team. I think laker fans might want to see us at the bottom of the standings again. But if we drop Paul and Griffin after convincing Deandre Jordan to stay it would be really a slap in the face. If we wanted to start over than they should have let Deandre go to the Mavericks. I hope we can get some wing players like simmons from the spurs. And hopefully the new agua caliente clippers in ontario will help us develop and find young clippers to add after the draft and during the year, and have them already proficient in the style that Doc wants the clippers to play on defense and offense.


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