I am a roman catholic, and an alumni of UCLA. I have been a karate teacher since 1989 when I first got my black belt under Shihan Rudy Amaya and our founder Shihan Sensei Louis D Casamassa at Red Dragon Karate.

I currently make most of my money through fitness and performance enhancement for athletes since I am also certified with NASM. And have helped with meal plans and worked independently and with 24 hour fitness in the past as a personal trainer.

As of August 2015 I started working with Arbonne at http://ronaldjfpanlilio.arbonne.com and I use their products myself and recommend them to my fitness clients, family, and neighbors.

Lately I have been focusing more on my gifts for music, and desire to do more storytelling through my friends in the filmmaking and video game industry, as well as comic books. I pray that I can help be a part of creating stories with a christ centered message to uplift women and kids, and those who do not know what is contained in the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth and how important it is to let faith, hope and love work in our lives through the example of our greatest teacher: the king of kings who came to serve and not to be served.


My biography, well if you want to know, just ask, I would be energized by someone asking me questions, or sharing stories, jokes, competing in sports, playing games, listening to great music together or attending mass or adoration to pray together.

once you reach your dreams and goals granted by the Lord …

” then lift the bar a little higher, cause if you stop learning then you start dying”

“No matter what you do in this life, there is nothing you can do that will make me love you less”

God does not call the qualified: he qualifies the called.


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