Gluten or not gluten

People have eaten gluten since the beginning of time. I wonder if the allergy to gluten is caused by enriched flour. Enriched flours are stripped of nutrients vital to the body causing their impact on the body to be unusually dangerous lining the intestinal walls, instead of providing the fiber and carbohydrate energy that high energy athletes require for competition. Avoid foods that have enriched flour in the first 3 ingredients. I hope nutritionists can verify if this is true


International pro sports for MLB, nba, and expansion teams

Instead of flying one team at a time to play games in Nabisco jalisco stadium for nba, or for zamboanga city cristeros for baseball. We as a league can send 6 teams to zamboanga to play a 7 game series with each team. So 7 times 6 equals 42 home games for the cristeros, and 7 road games for each visiting squad. A great preview of the playoffs. All brides and children should be with their spouse to enjoy some rest and tourism time to play as a family while the 42 games are being finished in the phillipines, Italy, India, Nigeria, Panama, Jamaica, Argentina or wherever teams want to expand baseball and hoops. Then the cristeros will go on the road for 40 games in the current mlb until all 162 games are played for all nba, or mlb, or women’s pro soccer, pro fastpitch, wnba and g league gatorade teams. I prefer a MLB team in zamboanga or davao, and an NBA team in Argentina.

The first four letter word

Hell o…. A better greeting smile, and nod your head. Or Buenos dias. Good morning, guten tag good day, Buenos noches… wonderful knight…no b word now son or daughter of a beautiful bride… n word…they wanted their slaves to lose their name, and turn them into numbers, and labor slave or sex slavery. Nigga is not my name, and I am not your slave. Mama Mary and ‘ll cool j heard mama said knock you out

Men and women in the seats

If you go to theaters, it is very common to only see a handful of people. So the goal should be to increase that number of customers to increase. I believe having a mix of casual snacks and fine dining would help. I love going to amc. I believe that if amc partnered with the right providers they would have much better attendance. Streaming is good, but watching on a full screen, amazing sound, or being hit by mist and air like universal studios would be popular. They can also rent the space as a large classroom for university or high school