Add some almonds to give your body a boost :)

Almonds have a high quantity of arginine, a type of amino acid that helps to relax blood vessels and improve blood circulation. If you are allergic:: other food sources for arginine include beans, salmon and wheat. Almond milk also tastes really good, and has some good benefits for a drink especially if you dont like the traditional cow’s milk or are lactose intolerant. Almond milk lets you get some almond in liquid form too:).  Lately when I make smoothies at home in my blender, I also throw in a few almonds, or cashews, or macadamia nuts too add some protein with the frozen fruits, ice, milk, water, and sometimes veggies. Improving your health and energy levels with nutrition and exercise can help reduce the size of your waist around your belly button.  If you feel overweight, exercising regularly to strengthen your lower abs, and reducing cholesterol levels can help. Try to measure your body fat percentage as well and your circumferences, rather than only looking at pounds. Get exercise and nutrition tips from certified trainers like me at, also speak with nutritionists, your medical doctor, or other fitness instructors like dance, martial arts, yoga, coaches.

some new good federal programs for fitness and wellness

The old confusing food pyramid is gone. Now we visually show you on a graphic of a plate, how much food and the types of food you need at each meal to be healthy.

Go to for more information



about half the plate should be (fruits and veggies), a ,about 1/4 should be 100% whole-wheat grains like brown rice, wheat pasta,  wheat bread, or wheat tortilla, and protein should be about the size of your palm (meats, fish, beans, soy), plus a cup of dairy (milk, eggs, yogurt), and plenty of water thoughout the day.

Take half your bodyweight and drink that many ounces of water per day

So if your 200 pounds, then half is 100 lbs, so you need to drink 100 ounces of water per day to keep from getting dehydrated.


PALA  is the new presidential active lifestyle award recognized by the federal government to encourage healthy lives for kids and adults.

The site has all the details, everyone who finishes the program will be awarded and recognized for their achievements.

This program truly lives up to its name. The Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) challenge will help you add activity to your life, and reward you when you do.

Is This For Me?

This challenge is for anyone, from students to seniors, but it’s geared toward people who want to set themselves on the path to fitness success.

Here are the goals:

  • Adults (that’s anyone aged 18 and older): You need to be active 30 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week, for 6 out of 8 weeks. As an alternative, you can count your daily activity steps using a pedometer (goal: 8,500).
  • Kids and teens (that’s anyone between 6 and 17 years): You need to be active 60 minutes a day, at least 5 days a week, for 6 out of 8 weeks. As an alternative, you can count your daily activity steps using a pedometer (girls’ goal: 11,000; boys’ goal: 13,000).

Starting the PALA will help you or your students:

  • Commit to daily physical activity—and stick with it.
  • Set realistic goals to encourage fitness for a lifetime.
  • Track your progress with our free personal activity log, which you can access online after you create an individual account, or on a paper log (PDF).

PALA makes fitness fun! Yes, you need to be active every day, but participants can choose all kinds of activities to meet this goal—playing with the kids, gardening, walking, playing basketball, running, yoga, and more.

Did Someone Say ‘Award’?

It’s easy to earn the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award. All it takes is a nearly daily commitment to physical activity for 6 out of 8 weeks. Stick with the program and you’ll earn an award in less than two months. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today!



You can eat brown rice and still get lean :)

I love rice, and have been eating it since I was a baby. But as an adult, and through nutrition classes I have learned that wheat and brown grains are healthier, have more fiber, and clean out your intestines. Processed white flour tends to linger in your intestines and create a bigger belly. And I eat tons of carbs, but most of my carbohydrates are fruits and vegetables. They are full of water that is great for giving energy, alertness, antioxidants and help with keeping your memory sharp.

Brown rice, pasta, tortillas, bread are all my preferred grains. Most good restaraunts allow you to order these now. If your plate comes with a side of fries and cole slaw, ask them if they can give you fruits and grilled veggies instead. I do it often…

When you cook brown rice at home, add more water than you do with white rice. Otherwise it will taste dry. Mmm that is all for now on that subject.


Treat juice like a concentrated drink. Pour 1/3 juice  and add  2/3 water. This will dilute the concentrated form of the juice. You will get more glasses out of that juice,and reduce the caloric impact on your body. So it will save you money, and keep you lean, and allow you to have your favorite orange juice, or lemonade, iced tea or whatever. I would suggest staying away from all carbonated beverages, because most of them are unhealthy, and can give you gas as well. Not the most attractive quality, to be farting often. 🙂


Try it for 3 months, and then check your waistline, you will be amazed what eating lots of veggies, nuts, and fruits can do for your mind and energy levels. And what brown/wheat grains can do for your belt size 🙂

Happy New Year, and a new body for you in 2010

For more advice call me up, and schedule a couple workouts with me 🙂

Sensei Ronald Panlilio

January 10, 2010

good supplements for weight loss, and also advice for my mass gainers, who want to increase their lean mass and strength

Some of you have asked me about losing weight or gaining muscle in the past. So I am just sending you this in case your looking for exercise that can be done at home. I put together some information for you for both getting leaner, or for mass gaining…

If you have any friends or family who want to change their body, please forward this message, or have them call or email me. I would be honored to talk with your friends…and help create a plan to give them a new lifestyle that will help them get the body they want

anyone who refers a client to me for one on one personal training or group classes, I can give you 15% of the first package they buy in a gift card to you, or you can have the equivalent money value towards personal training with me if you prefer that over gift cards. Also if you have a service that might be good for my clients let me know, and I can give them your website or flyers or business cards so we can both help each other build our financial blessings in our chosen professions

Bear in mind if your eating extra protein to build lean muscle, then you must also exercise, otherwise the extra food will just make you heavier instead of leaner and more muscular. It like if you keep adding clay on to your body, but if you dont heat it up, or dont place it in the right places, it could all end up sitting in your tummy above your belt, in the cheeks on your face, and in your butt 🙂

for staying lean
on beachbody take shakeology

this is a way to get the necessary vitamins for your exercises, but not increasing your daily caloric intake, which will help keep you leaner or to maintain your current size.

for building mass
on beachbody, click on nutrition, then click on performance and take
1) whey chocolate or vanilla
or 2) p90x results and recovery

on trainerprofile
dymatize regular or 12 hour protein

and both of these websites also have daily multivitamins, for adults, and also some for women and seniors, as well

if you are lifting often you may want to add
glutamine (to relieve soreness)

If your gaining mass then extra creatine is very helpful.
or creatine to retain more water(so muscles are larger, also it helps you to do a few more reps then you could do without it–> thus greater strength and muscle growth.

But creatine must be cycled 3 weeks on 1 week off, or your body will stop producing creatine on its own

if you reach your goal weight, some of the serving sizes of the protein will be 2 scoops, so just cut it to one scoop, once you gain the weight you want

if you become less active then dont take so much extra protein, it is only useful if you are exercising, because then the body will convert those extra calories into lean mass for your body…

normally when I am gaining mass, I will take protein shakes or smoothies once during breakfast,  then right after my workouts, and maybe one other time as a snack in between meals

call or email if  you have questions

beachbody has some great dvds to do workouts at home
p90x and insanity are great for building muscle or getting lean

chalean, turbojam, slim in 6 are great for getting lean

booty ballet is popular with women, it is basically yoga and dance at the same time

and finally I highly recommend a daily vitamin, when I started taking them, I slept better, didnt get sick as often, and just had better energy for work and exercise and sports in general

Sensei Ronald

the environmentalist in me talking hydration :)

I read an article the other day that explained that the millions of plastic bottles being dumped in landfills every day are hurting the earth, because it takes thousands of years for them to decay into the ground…So I took their advice and now own to plastic jugs: one from jamba juice, and the other from baja fresh. They cost me like 2 dollars each, and they are large like more than 40 ounces of liquid. But I can take for refills at less than the cost of a normal beverage at those places, as well at any drinking fountain, or filtered water at home from the fridge or a brita or whatever you use. Also places like ampm and 7eleven: will let you get a refill for like 99 cents, cause they dont have to buy a cup for you. I often get green tea, rasberry tea, or gatorade, or deluge(a low calorie sports drink), or horchata…..So if you want to save the earth a little at a time, and stay hydrated then buy a thermos, or a jug that is durable and get refills, wash it after you use it, and use it again and again…

I am pretty sure most vendors wont mind if you use your cup instead of theirs, just ask for permission first…I drink lots of water all day, so keeping a mug with ice and water with me is important. And I often fill it at places like the gym or any place that has cold water…Honestly I drink tons of tap water, and it is free and sometimes cold…I dont get sick that often. If your travelling overseas, then yeah dont drink the tap water. But wherever you live locally you can drink the tap water and feel pretty safe about it. Or if you have time, then boil the tap water, put it in some ice cubes and your good to go. The need to buy bottled water is silly to me: I heard companies like coca cola and pepsi basically just put tap water into their pretty dasani bottles anyways.

I also hear they are gonna tax soda pop, like they do for cigarettes and alcohol. I am glad, cause soda pop is only good at two things: making you fat, and decaying your teeth and organs with its high acid content. The obesity crisis has a lot to do with families drinking as much soda and diet soda as they should be drinking water or milk….

Some quick, easy, healthy ways to have breakfast

1st option: oatmeal microwaved with water for like 40 seconds, then mix in some flaxseed (to lower your cholesterol levels), as well as some milk (I prefer chocolate soymilk, or 1% regular milk) Then add your favorite fruits: sliced strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, rasberrys or mangos sliced, or bananas…

or if you dont have fruit then a little bit of honey is good for sweetness, and maybe cinammon or nutmeg

and a scoop of protein powder is great if you worked out the day before

option 2: a bowl of fruit, and toast some wheat bread with with peanut butter..lately instead a toaster I have been putting my bread on a pan after warming up olive oil on it…then just fry the bread, andafter flipping it over, and searing both sides, you get toast that tastes great and the olive oil gives the bread  nice flavor, and you wont feel a need for butter at all… and a glass of milk is good with this as well

a quick smoothie:

in a magic bullet blender, throw in a bunch of ice cubes, then add your favorite frozen fruits( l love the mango chunks from trader joes), then a scoop of protein powder, and then water for 3/4 of the jar, and then milk on top of that, and a bit of cinammon and/or nutmeg or just a couple drops of either vanilla bean, or peppermint. You would be surprised at how strong that mint drop can be, dont overdo it or it will taste like medicine…and again flaxsee is great in this as well for those cholesterol or stroke in their families..

or if your really super in a hurry

go for a wheat bread with peanut butter and bananas, and a glass of water or milk—————————and you can fry it in olive oil as well, its good

or a granola bar, or a protein bar….or a cup of trail mix

if you have time you can make wheat pancakes with real maple syrup: do not use anything with high fructose corn syrup(ala aunt jemima), stick with pure maple syrup or honey if you like sweet stuff

or make an omelet from egg whites: add cheese, mushrooms, spinach, avocado, tomatoes and some salsa

good morning

you are all setup for a great day, and a good recovery from yesterday’s workouts, as well as an increase in muscle mass