So I am down to 184 pounds, with a 34 inch waist.


2 prayers today, August 23 2017


so I was at mass this morning. And I asked god: how many saints are living, breathing, and serving on earth today August 2017. Father God said 100….50 thousand. So I asked is 150,000 saints enough to serve the 7 billion people on the planet. How many saints do we need. He said we need 300,000 more saints on earth to have an awakening of the holy spirit. Now I am sharing this, Lord let this prayer reach every woman and man until we have 450,000 saints alive and serving FIAT. Jesus. Divine Mercy be with us.

If a person murdered for example your nephew or your niece, or your daughter or your son. Then as a family you would want that murderer put into prison for life. So that other children would be protected. By the same analysis Abortion is a crime punishable by life in prison, because abortion is murder of a child. Would I put the mother or father in prison? No I would not, I know that their friends and family, or the abortion clinic saw an opportunity to pressure these new parents to abort this baby. And the surgeons and everyone who followed the founder of planned parenthood, margaret sanger, to pressure pregnant women and the father of that chld to murder it for convenience. The people who should be put in prison are the surgeons, and owners or planned parenthood clinics or any abortion facility and the people who buy and sell the organs of these babies on the black market. And the institutions and governments that give more than one hundred thousand dollars to keep abortion as a legal way to murder babies. These corporate executives and political leaders who allow murder of children deserve life in prison. The parents should have been led to give these children a home with a loving married couple. So their baby could be adopted, and protected by a husband and wife as their parents. And the original parents can stay in touch and still be in that child’s life in the future. Murder always should be punished by life in prison. Abortion is also Murder and the owners of those abortion clinics are the people most responsible for these Murders and they should be locked up and separated from families.


I sent my prayers to EWTN and they are helping to strengthen and share it with the Eucharistic Body.

Thank you for your e-mail. We will pray for your intentions. Please know that the Nuns and the Friars will continue to pray for your intentions for the next 30 days for 24 hours a day in the presence of Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament.


May God bless you,


“I can do all things in him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:13


The Franciscan Missionaries of the Eternal Word have updated their website: share with any young men who may be considering a vocation to the Religious Life.


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sensei ronald’s  favorite basketball teammates and havok defense.

I look for 3 actions when I pick a team.  I want 12 people who do 1) hustle and box out for rebounds, even diving on the floor sacrificing their body for the good of the team. 2) they pass to find the open mate on offense or a teammate who is in one of their favorite places to operate as a triple threat: pass, shoot, dribble. Finally 3) they love to give full effort  on defense. Defense starts before the opponent your guarding has the ball. Denying them the ability to pass to the person your guarding is key. Once your opponent has the ball, stay close, one hand up, one hand low and push them towards a shotbocker or towards their weaker dribbling hand, or towards the out of bounds of court on sideline and baseline, and half court line.  I do not like teammates who say they are saving their energy on defense so they can take shots on the offensive side of the ball. Especially when their are 7 teammates who would love to play when their teammates are tired from playing excellent defense. Bonus points for being willing to take a charge and get bruised up to get possession control offensive fouls. Be willing to take 6 times twelve 72 charges every game. that is 144 free throws or 72 possessions for your team.