Nba 20 point games are killing the league

Another 20 point game…I hate watchin win by the three and die by the three basketball. I miss seeing real centers and power forwards post up and defend the rim from wings who attack. If nba stays this way I will watch less pro basketball. One and done rule is wrecking ncaa and nba. If your over 18 you should be ablr to skip college and be eligible to play in gatorade d league, or overseas pro hoops leagues. If you choose to go to college you should have to commit to a minimum of 3 years of school. If you graduate from college and get drafted the nba should give you a large academic bonus with your first rookie contract

Some people say breast cancer is a woman’s problem. Women should pray and work towards a solution. But men who love women should also work and pray for that solution. Testicular cancer is also an issue for women who love the men and boys in their life. Abortion is a women’s issue but also an issue for men who love women to pray and work towards a solution. Adoption seems like the best solution for abortion. If every married couple would be willing to adopt a child: abottion would be obsolete and unnecessary.