Sunday mass tonight

I believe we are still in season of Pentecost. Come to holy name of mary to find shelter in the storm from 455pm to 630pm


I would love to be mentored by the angels, padres, dodgers so that we can build a lineage of baseball from jackie robinson at ucla and my friends at easton stadium for fastpitch like natasha watley, amanda freed, and lisa fernandez, andrea duran and kelly kretschman from profastpitch. My dream is that angel stadium and dodger baseball will have enough revenue to give 600 million dollars to the catholic adoption cathedrals already drawn by an architect paolo tamin in the philippines. I believe it would be great to have an expansion draft so that we can have women from profastpitch be on teams around the league. An expansion draft that is fair would let each team protect 12 players, and then each team lets say 8 teams in 2019 after the world series would select 12 players. Then everyone not signed or protected can be signed by each team for their 27 and 45player roster, the extra 5 is for the influx of new talent, 27 makes sense since a 9 inning game there are 27 outs and giving women who work as hard or harder for the money that some of these young men use in a poor way since they get so many resources so fast before they are ready for them like going to strip clubs at all hours of the night when on the road away from their families. I want to help build them up to be men that love god, and love their neighbors. With 162 games and 81 road games it would be great to pay each employ not on the field the same game rate. So each person doing customer service outside for food, guiding the disabled, translation of languages, security would get 1000 per game so about 82k. Each player would have her innings dependent on the coaches and manager.  Each player gets 9000 dollars per inning in the game, plus a stipend for mortgage or rent until they dont need the stipend anymore. And if they are ncaa players they get a bonus of 500k if they have their bachelors degree when they are signed to a baseball contract. International teams would be great too, so if there was 2 teams the Italian stallions in Sicily, and the Zamboanga city cristeros instead of sending one team at a time they could send 7 teams to play the cristeros in a 7 game series. So that would be 49 home games. On days off the players, and their bride and children can travel local to Italy and mindanao. Then the stallions and cristeros could play 49 road games, until all 162 games are played. Nascar helmets that suspend the neck at the collarbone towards the spine and neck will decrease the concussion rate at the plate if hit in the head by a pitcher like chapman or giles throwing over 100 mph. And nascar walls from home plate to right field, and home plate to left field to prevent heads being smashed by bats and balls and a secured gate for fans if there is an earthquake to quickly get them into or out of the stadium if their homes are not safe just an example not a prediction. I am a roman catholic american citizen and baseball has been great mark mcgwire and I both went to damien high school spartans since 1991 when I graduated and damien became saint damien of molokai by living with the lepers when nobody else would step up to the plate.